Program for the NIX/NONOG-meeting May 28th 2018


Program for the NIX/NONOG-meeting May 28th 2018


0900   Doors open, registration and coffee

0930   Welcome from NIX and NONOG. Presentation of the sponsors.

0945   NIX-news and Netnod-news

1030   Coffee-break

1045   The NOG-landscape in Europe, and RIPE NCC community services for ISPs and others. Alastair Strachan, RIPE NCC

1130   News from Bulk infrastructure, Peder Nærbø, Bulk Infrastructure

1145   Lunch

1215   Flexible path traffic engineering. Peter Lundqvist, Arista Networks

1300   OpenBSD networking, Sebastian Benoit, OpenBSD

1330   DDoS Detection and Mitigation for Peering and Telemetry, Kåre Stokkeland, Juniper Networks

1415   Coffee-break

1430   IPv6 implementation. Lester Clayton, Netscenario AS

1515   Panel Discussion: Clash of the IPv6 titans - what happened to Dualstack as a Norwegian standard in the Difi reference-catalogue?


           Knut Aksel Wadet, Samferdselsdepartementet
           Ole Trøan, ISOC/IETF/Cisco
           Tore Anderson, Redpil Linpro

           Hans Petter Holen, RIPE
           Torgeir Waterhouse, IKT Norge

1600   Closing

1700   Dinner


Sponsor of the NONOG-meeting


Sponsors of the NIX-meeting


NIX and Netnod work together to make the Internet better!



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