Introducing 100G and 25G, and reduced 10G prices

100G is now available at NIX1 (all locations) and NIX2.
The price is NOK 200.000 pr year and that includes 100G-CWDM4 (2 Km) optics.

25G is also available at NIX1 (all locations) and NIX2.
The price is NOK 50.000 pr year and that includes 25G-LR (10 Km) optics.

The 10G price has been reduced on NIX1 and NIX2. 
The first 10G on each IX now costs NOK 30.000 pr year, and successive 10Gs will cost NOK 20.000 pr year pr 10G.
And the price includes 10G-LR (10 Km) optics.

The connection-fee on NIX1 and NIX2 is also reduced to NOK 10.000 and occurs only when new connections are established, not when upgrades are done using the same fiber as before.

10G on the regional exchanges are now available in Stavanger (SIX) and will be available at the other exchanges later this year. The price is NOK 20.000 pr year and includes 10G-LR (10 Km) optics.

1G priceing is not changed.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.
The reduced prices will take effect for all of 2018 when the invoices are sent out later this year.

Click here for all prices (Connection Agreement)

Publisert 13. apr. 2018 12:23 - Sist endret 13. apr. 2018 12:23