Joining NIX

1. Sign contract (page 1, 2 and 13)

2. Click here to fill out form

The NIX IXPs are open to all organisations who wish to have open IP traffic exchange and who fulfill the Rules and Obligations for connecting to NIX.

Why connect to NIX?

Improve your performance and redundancy

With a large amount of peers connected, chances are high you will find a new peering partner. Your performance will increase, while your upstream bandwidth will be reduced. As a result you got more routes, not only relying on your upstream provider, and increased redundancy.

Lowering your costs

While you exchange traffic with peers, less traffic will go through your upstream provider and reduce costs.

Lowering your latency

Each peer is directly connected to the IXP. Traffic will go locally and the latency will be reduced.

Neutral service provider

NIX is a non-commercial organisation hosted by the University of Oslo (UiO). 


As a member of NIX you get access to DNS-service and NTP-service.

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