Oslo (NIX1 and NIX2)

NIX1 is the primary IXP in Norway located at three sites:
  • USIT/IFI2, Gaustadalleen 23B.
  • OS-IX, Hans Møller Gasmanns vei 9, IFD A room.
  • Digiplex Ulven, Selma Ellefsens vei 1, CCR A room.

NIX1 is not connected to the other NIX IXPs.

Hands-on support is done by the University of Oslo, and trusted partners at OS-IX/HMG9 and Digiplex. 

Current traffic on NIX1:



NIX2 is the primary site for redundancy located at:

  • Kristian Augusts gate 17, 0164 Oslo.

NIX2 is an independent IXP, not physically connected to NIX1. 

Hands-on support is done by USIT, University of Oslo.

Current traffic on NIX2:



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