Rules and Obligations

An organisation can connect to NIX if the following conditions are fulfilled (please refer to the Connection agreement for more details):

Rules for NIX customers

  • Various types of organisations can connect to NIX:
    • Traditional ISPs.
    • Carriers.
    • Content providers.
    • Web hosters.
    • Mobile operators.
    • VoIP providers.
    • Other IP centric organizations, such as Google, Akamai Technologies Inc., root-servers, Domain Registry System etc.
  • The organisation has given UiO the following information:
    • Invoice address
    • E-mail address (a mailing list) for administrative and technical information from UiO, the NIX managers and other NIX customers
    • A URL to a web-page with contact-information for the organisation (NOC, peering and other issues/problems) and other relevant information for UiO, NIX managers and other NIX customers
    • AS-number to be announced, with information regarding where it is announced on the Internet
    • The desired physical interface at each of the NIX IXPs
    • Type of connection and name of the connection supplier at each of the NIX IXPs
    • Schedule for each connection.
  • Routing on NIX is done with BGP4. Multicast-routing can be done with MSDP and PIM (not just PIM!). Routing with other routing protocols or "default routing" is not allowed

  • Each NIX customer must take proper actions to limit the number of unnecessary packets broadcasted or flooded on the IXPs. NIX customers not conforming to this will be warned, and eventually disconnected

  • Use appropriate optics. Please refer to this document for a list of supported optics at each site

  • When using 1000Base-LH, 10G-LR, 25G-LR and 100G-CWDM4 optics, NIX will supply the optics in the NIX-switches

  • When using other optics the NIX customer must supply the optics (SFP/SFP+/SFP28/QSFP28 modules). NIX customers must use vendor compatible optics. UiO can refuse to install incompatible optics if it creates problems for the operation of the IXP in any way

  • The Contract agreement must be signed by the organisation and UiO.

Obligations of a NIX customer

  • LIR status by RIPE (or any other RIR).
  • AS-number as given by RIPE (or any other RIR).
  • Announcement of this AS-number at one or more other IXPs on the Internet.
  • An operational NOC (Network Operation Center) that can respond to e-mail from UiO, NIX managers and other NIX customers within 4 working hours.
  • Establish the necessary connection to each NIX IXP. Completion order must be sent to UiO at latest 5 working days before the connection supplier starts the installation. Suppliers showing up without prior notice will not be admitted.
  • Allow statistics collection from all the NIX IXPs.



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