How to connect to NIX

Follow these steps to join NIX:

  1. Make sure you meet the requirements described in Rules and Obligations.
  2. Sign the contract and include it when submitting the form to join NIX.
  3. Order a connection to one or more of our IXPs. Contact nix-drift (at) for technical details. 

After you have submitted the form the following will take place:

  1. We will sign the contract and return a copy.
  2. You will receive practical information such as IP-addresses and login info to the management tool
  3. Depending on where you are located we need the following connection details (email them to nix-drift (at)
    • NIX1:
      • HMG9:
        • CCR04: Fiber location details (rack and fiber ID).
        • IP-Only: Establish a local cross-connects to CCRA04/R13,3 Please provide us with fiber location details.
        • External: Establish a connection to CCRA04/R13,3. Please provide us with fiber location details. 
      • Digiplex: Room and contact person. 
      • Gaustadallen 23B: Fiber location details and contact person.
    • NIX2, BIX, TRDIX; TIX and SIX: Fiber location details and contact person. 
  4. We will prepare for the connection and place your port in a quarantine VLAN.
  5. When there is mutual agreement that everything is looking OK, your connection goes live.


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