Configuration hints

    In order to keep the Internet exchange stable, we require all customers to prohibit certain types of traffic.

    Checklist of requirements for equipment connected to the exchanges we operate:

    • Do not send BPDUs
    • Do not send CDP or LLDP packets
    • Do not send directed broadcasts packets
    • Do not send keepalive packets

    For configuration hints for various vendors check out Euro-iX Configration Samples

    We've provided sample configurations for your convenience.

    Cisco router, directly connected

    interface TenGigabitEthernet x/y
       ip address 185.1.x.x 255.255.255.x
       description NIX1
       no ip redirects
       no ip proxy-arp
       no cdp enable
       no ip directed-broadcast
       no mop enable
       no keepalive
    Cisco intermediate switch
    interface Ethernet x/y
      description NIX1
      switchport access vlan 299
      switchport mode access
      switchport nonegotiate
      no keepalive
      no cdp enable
      no lldp receive
      no lldp transmit
      no udld enable
      spanning-tree bpdufilter enable


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