NIX Infrastructure

All NIX IXPs are built on a layer 2 network. NIX1 is distributed to three independent locations in Oslo: Gaustadallen 23B, HMG9 and Digiplex Ulvenveien 89. HMG9 and Digiplex Ulvenveien 89 are directly connected with fiber connections to Gaustadallen 23B. Our remaining IXPs have no interconnection between them, making them an isolated IXP.

The NIX IXPs consist of the following hardware:

IXP Location Hardware Speed and Interface
Gaustadallen 23B (University campus), Oslo Cisco Catalyst 6513 and Cisco Nexus 9372 1000Base-SFP, 10G-SFP+, 25G-SFP28, 100G-QSFP28
HMG9, Oslo Cisco Nexus 9372 1000Base-SFP, 10G-SFP+, 25G-SFP28, 100G-QSFP28
Digiplex Ulvenveien 89, Oslo Cisco Nexus 9372 1000Base-SFP, 10G-SFP+, 25G-SFP28, 100G-QSFP28
NIX2 St. Olavs plass 5, Oslo Cisco Nexus 92160 1000Base-SFP, 10G-SFP+, 25G-SFP28, 100G-QSFP28
BIX Thormøhlens gate 55 (University campus), Bergen Cisco Catalyst 6504 1000Base-SFP
TRDIX Høgskoleringen 5 (University campus), Trondheim Cisco Catalyst 6504* 1000Base-SFP
TIX University campus, Tromsø Cisco Catalyst 6504 1000Base-SFP
SIX University campus, Stavanger Cisco Nexus 9372 1000Base-SFP, 10G-SFP+

*TRDIX will be upgraded to Nexus 92160 in the future.


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